Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

Leave your pet with us and we’ll give them the love and attention they deserve. We offer a suite of dog grooming services and pet care, from washes to cuts. Your pet’s cleanliness is vital to their health and happiness, and our grooming experts are trained to help yours look and feel their best. Once you see how happy and healthy your pet becomes, you’ll see why we are the best choice in Fredericksburg, TX for your pet’s grooming and pet care needs.

Customers appreciate what we have to offer in pet care because our combination of competitive pricing and excellent service can’t be matched by any of our competitors. We’re pet owners ourselves, so we know the standard of excellence we expect for our fur babies, and you can count on us to meet it.

You won’t have to wait around, either, if you have places to be. We provide a comfortable doggy daycare service for your favorite pet, and provide cat as well as dog boarding during longer trips as well.

How’s that for convenience?

If you have been looking for a pet care professional, call today!

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